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Not just any agent should sell your distinctive Lake Las Vegas property. Trust a specialist, well versed in the unique, upscale community of Lake Las Vegas. We have buyers, and spend thousands on our continuous marketing efforts to find specifically qualified investors for the Lake Las Vegas market. To schedule a private, no obligation appointment, Contact Us.




50,000 Reasons to Sell Your Lake Las Vegas Home with



>  50,000+ had 50,000+ visitors looking specifically for

                     real estate in Lake Las Vegas in the past 12 months

> $1,000s spends THOUSANDS every month

                     marketing directly to buyers of Lake Las Vegas property

> 90%          A staggering 90% of home buyers begin their search for a new home


More: represented more buyers in Lake Las Vegas

                     than any other agent in 2009

                     Lots of agents can say they have buyers, but only we can PROVE it


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FIVE Important Reasons You Should Contact an

     Representative Today:


1)  We Know YOUR Market - Better than Anyone!

      If you are considering selling your Lake Las Vegas home, you need an agent

      who has a superb understanding of the Lake Las Vegas sub-market. It is rare

      to find an agent - much less, a team of agents - who focus on a specific


  How does this help you?

      We give you the most specific, applicable data and comparables from Day 1,

      and that enables you, the seller, to consider the most realistic timeline for

      selling your home. If you list your property for the right price, it will sell

      faster, saving you thousands of dollars and months of worry.


2)  We Have BUYERS!

     We know...EVERYONE says that. But, does everyone have the evidence?

     Well, WE do! We've spent dozens of thousands of dollars and thousands of

     man-hours designing and implementing our web presence and marketing

     campaigns. This is strategically coordinated for the purpose of maximizing our

     technological edge for the benefit of dispersing accurate & ample information

     to our buyers. You may have seen one of our ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo,

     AOL, Ask, Trulia, Zillow,,, or one of many other real

     estate or search engine sites on which we advertise. This is because we

     maintain a generous marketing budget specifically targeted to find buyers of

     property in the Lake Las Vegas area.

  How does this help you?

      By listing your home with, you can be sure that

      we've "put our money where our mouth is," so to speak, and that we will do

      everything possible to match a buyer to your property. It really is that simple.


3)  We are Expert Negotiators

     All of our agents have undergone extensive training programs to learn

     advanced skills for negotiating. The biggest secret behind a successfully

     negotiated transaction is to make sure you have data to support your

     position. Our agents have access to the best real estate data & trend sources

     so that we can support negotiations with irrefutable evidence.

  How does this help you?

     It has been said of our current real estate market that "if you were trying to

     sell your home for $1, you would receive an offer for $.50." It is simply the

     difficult nature of today's buyer's market. Our agents make sure they have the

     black-and-white facts regarding real estate activity in your neighborhood and

     Lake Las Vegas. So, when a buyer comes along offering 25% below list price,

     we can rest on our data that proves your home is worth more than the buyer

     offered. Further, our agents know how to deliver that data so that a buyer will

     understand the value and relevance of impartial market statistics.


4)  We Eat, Sleep, and Breathe: M A R K E T I N G!

     All agents are college-educated and have taken top-

     level collegiate marketing courses. Gone are the days of throwing a sign up in

     your front yard & hosting a few open houses to arrive at a quick and easy

     sale. This has been proved to not affect the amount of time upon which your

     home sits on the market. Instead, this better helps your agent advertise for


  How does this help you?

     We focus on practical efforts that will add to the likelihood that we will

     produce a buyer for your home. As much as some agents will not

     acknowledge it, real estate is a numbers game. The more "ready, able, and

     willing" buyers that view your home, the faster it will sell. And, those "ready,

     able, and willing" people are who we target with every ounce of our creative



5)  We are Masters of the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

     It is, unfortunately, quite common that many Lake Las Vegas property listings

     in the MLS contain missing or inaccurate information. The agents at are extensively trained on MLS criteria, and know

     how to list your home so that it gets the most favorable exposure possible.

     Much of the data entered into your MLS listing will be seen by both buyers

     and buyers agents looking in your home's criteria range. This is the same data

     that is automatically uploaded to various real estate web sites like, Trulia, and Zillow, so that potential buyers around the country &

     globe can see your home.

  How does this help you?

     It is imperative that the information about your home is both accurate &

     comprehensive. This is done to accomplish two things: (1) to encourage more

     people to tour your home after viewing its listing online, and (2) to make sure

     those prospective buyers who view your home in person have realistic

     expectations and are therefore better-qualified.


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